Poker interview with the winner of the SMPO special event

One more version of the Very Million Poker Open unique occasion was held at Bodog. This SMPO occasion has $222,000 in ensured prizes and today we will meet the terrific boss.

renan ganhador smpo exceptional
What sort of games do you like? What is your take of the fair play strategy at Bodog? How would you pick the games you will play? We should figure out somewhat more about Renan!

We get together with Renan, the Fantastic Boss of the SMPO Extraordinary Occasion
As expected on our blog, we talked with the incredible hero to commend his triumph and furthermore to figure out how his experience was.

Renan is a player who has been deciding on Bodog for over three years. Initially from São Paulo, he is one of the successful Brazilians among the 8 Latin Americans who have held this title to date. Congrats Renan!

Renan additionally prefers to play live poker . At the point when he plays online poker at bodog, he favors multi-table competitions. However, what sort of competitions does he pick? Furthermore, how would you settle on that decision?

What sort of competitions does Renan, the victor of the SMPO unique occasion, like?
The last excellent hero of the SMPO extraordinary occasion typically plays Knockout and Moderate Knockout competitions . There is no question that he partakes in a decent multi-table competition with bounties.

He makes sense of that the distinction between the KO and that’s what the PKO is, in the first, the prize is specified for every disposal survive. In PKOs the prize isn’t fixed, however increments as the competition advances.

We needed to know more and inquired as to why you pick Bodog, and how you pick your games.

For what reason does the SMPO Extraordinary Occasion Victor pick Bodog?
While conversing with Renan, we got some information about his inclinations with regards to playing poker on the web. Among them, the SMPO unique occasion champion featured the fair play strategy that Bodog involves in his games as a whole, and momentarily remarked on how he picks his games.

What is the most ideal way to pick online poker games?
We could list a few hints for poker competitions , however Renan discussed the significance of regarding the cutoff points. We support this movement, regarding level of play, yet more explicitly talking as far as how to deal with the bankroll .

bodog entryway poker
Pick which games to take part in a calculated way, each week and as per their cutoff points. To do this, he likes to go straightforwardly to the entryway to pick his games and keep a week by week plan.

Programming or cell phone, which is smarter to play poker on the web?
We asked the top dog which choice he likes to play online poker, programming or versatile, since there are the two prospects.

Renan remarked that he inclines toward the product. Yet, he likewise let us know that he involves his telephone as a reinforcement when required.

Fair play: is it great to have mysterious tables in web-based poker?
As indicated by Renan, fair play strategy ought to be the standard at online poker tables, all over the place. As per our hero, this gives the player more certainty. He loves this nature of Bodog. Also, we are blissful!

We made a move to inquire as to whether he gets ready in any extraordinary manner to play namelessly, yet he let us know no, in the end he plays equivalent to live. The thing that matters is that there is somewhat less data about the players when the game is unknown.

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